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Picchio CN-2000ccm


Photos of Picchio CN2, which is the first Fia crashed car in group CN is not available until 20th April 2004… (presentation of the car to the media and public will be on 17th of April). I hope we will give you a picture of the car as soon as possible.

Type: Open-cockpit two-seater with covered wheels.
Chassis: Mixed aluminium and steel monocoque.
Supports: Aluminium milled.
Bodywork: Fibreglass bodywork with honeycomb reinforcements. When allowed by manufacturers regulation, carbon fibre bodywork with honeycomb and carbon inner reinforcements may be used as well.
Aerodynamics: Highly performing by engineering design. It is developed according with the Picchio R&D aerodynamics philosophy and in compliance with the FIA 2004 regulations.
Seat: Polyurethane foam custom made to the driver’s body.
Interiors: Highly customizable by special order. Standard production models are made by aluminium and carbon panels.
Wheels: OZ wheels. 13 inch rear and front rim wheel. 8 inch front rim width; 10 inch wide rear rim width.
Brakes: Auto-vented disc brakes with four-piston callipers.
Upright: Aluminium uprights milled from solid billet.
Suspensions: Steel A-arms with pushrod system. Extra long arms for optimum suspensions behaviour as dictated by our sophisticated R&D department.
CN2 Engine: Chassis is currently set up for 4 cylinders 2000 cm3 Honda. Can easily install most of the main sport racing 4 cylinders engines.
CN1 Engine: Can easily install most of the main sport racing 1600 cm3 engines.
Power transmission: Rear wheel drive with Hewland LD200 five-gear gearbox plus reverse gear; original Hewland system. Multi-disc dry clutch. Fused aluminium engine/gearbox bell housing.
Water system: Transversally mounted double radiators.
Oil system: Side radiator in the engine area. Additional radiator for the gearbox oil.
Fuel system: 60 litres tank capacity homologated by FIA FT3; fuel canister for fuel collection from the outside of the tank.
Shock absorbers: Aluminium Koni Racing. Rear: adjustable in extension and compression. Front: mono shock absorber*.
Safety equipment: High-resistance 25CrMo4 steel safety roll-bars. Aluminium honeycomb front crash box. Anti-intrusion suspension system. Fire extinguishing equipment with spray nozzles in the cockpit, in the fuel tank and in engine bay. Six-point seat belts. Fuel tank safely located in strategic structural position.
Dimension: Max length = 3900 mm* Max width = 1780 mm;
Minimum ground clearance = 40 mm;
Weight = 1-2% less than the weight allowed by regulations.

  • Carbon steering wheel
  • Power steering
  • 13 x 12 inches wide rear rims
  • Rear diffuser
  • 3-points pneumatic jacking system
  • Rear and front lights
  • Milled aluminium bell housing
  • Carbon structure panels
  • Pressure sensors on the tyres
  • Picchio carbon rear-view mirrors adjustable by electrical controls
  • Steering wheel quick disconnect SPA QR1E
  • Rapid oil supplying system from outside the car
  • Rapid battery connection system from outside the car
  • Hewland FT200 gearbox
  • Gearbox sequential system (only with FT200)
  • Adjustable pedal area
  • Super light bodywork
  • Carbon fibre finishing of the interiors
  • Carbon lever of the gearbox
  • Long bodywork tail
  • Uprights air circulation system
  • Brakes cooling baskets
  • Adjustable steering column
  • Ultra-light brakes
  • KIT for Ohlins shock absorbers
  • Gear display with the sequential gearbox
  • Ultra-light exhaust pipes
  • Perforated and lightened axle shafts
  • “Super light” version available with motorcycle engine and gearbox when allowed by the regulations.
  • CD-rom.

* Not definitive - to be confirmed
The manufacturer reserves the faculty of modifying, during the production phase, the above mentioned characteristics provided that the modifications don’t lower the quality and safety of our Picchio brand product.

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Special thanks to Picchio S.p.A.

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