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Vyhlášení ME 2003

Pár fotografií



Three days of complete joy for every participant in the super weekend at Estoril, where Automobile Club of Portugal (ACP) held the Prize Giving of The European Hill Climb Championship, as well as an Organizers/FIA meeting.

Regarding this last subject, FIA was pleased by the way the things went well this year, with the security improvement, and the arrival of new organizers, and make the guarantee that there will be no more increased expenses for organizers next year.

A proposition was approved to be present to the World Council: The organizers want that only one result could be not considered for each half of the season, instead of the two results, that are in the regulations at this moment.

The rest of the weekend was very relaxed, with a very complete program of visits in the Estoril, Cascais and Sintra areas – one of the most emblematic regions of tourism in Portugal, and at the end of Saturday, in the amazing Hotel Palácio of Estoril, took place the FIA CEM Prize Giving Ceremony, with the presence of almost all the the drivers that finished CEM in first positions.

In the photos we can observe, the Lord Mayor of Covilha, with Petr Vojacek, The President of the Portuguese Motor sport Federation, with Robert Senkyr, and the Civil Governor of Lisbon with Denny Zardo, as well as the three winners together.

After a final dinner party, with an enormous cake celebrating the 100 years of ACP, complete, and lots of champagne of the Serra da Estrela region in the meddle, of some opera sings, completed a long but spectacular day at Portugal.

Next year this ceremony, will take place in France, but the dates are not yet known.

Luis Caramelo

Denny Zardo a guvernér města Lisabon
Robert Šenkýř a prezident portugalské motoristické federace
Lord Mayor z Colvilhy a Petr Vojáček
Zardo, Šenkýř a Vojáček

Autor: Luis Caramelo/P  (Všechny články autora)
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Článek publikován: 25.11.2003
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