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Interview with Bianca Steiner


There are quite many girls in hill climb racing. You are one of them, but you drove a formel 3000 car - maybe you are the only one between them with such experience. Tell us, please what had precedented before you drove formula 3000 car at hillclimb race? How many races you drove that car?

With the F3000 i drove just one race 2006 in Misano, with formula renault 2.0 i drove some years the whole championship.

I remember you raced every odd number of a year at Rechberg since 2005 (2005-2007-2009). Does it mean we will not see you this year?

Its funny, but true this year i will not drive at rechberg but its not cause a appointed reason.

What do you do in your personal life? How did you find the way to motorsport?

i work in the company of my dad to have time to drive races. When i was 12 years old i drove first time a test with a formula BMW and at the track i met Laszlo Szasz from Szasz Racing from this time i drove in his Team.

What is your favourite race? I know you did a lot of circuit races. What do you prefer hillclimbs or circuits? How do you feel the differences between them?

For me every race is exciting. I think when racing is your passion it doesnt matter where you drive hillclimb or circuit.

What is your biggest personal success? Can you reveal us your plans for the future in your motorsport carrier?

i hope that i can drive 2011 again my next goal is to get a sponsor for next season. my favorite championship would be world series by renault, and i hope i can come to rechberg next year again

Thank you for your answers.

Thank you for the interview

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