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Serra Da Estrela - Trénink


V tréninku byl nejrychlejší Simone Faggioli s vozem Osella. Několik tréninkových časů nám zaslali pořadatelé, včetně aktuálních fotografií z tréninku. Dařilo se Jardovi Malému a Petru Vojáčkovi, kteří byli nejrychlejší ve svých skupinách.

Simone Faggioli was the fastest at the Free and Official Pratice of Rampa Serra da Estrela, doing always the best chronos during the four hill climb series. Ferreira da Silva – Ford Escort dit an incredible climb in last partice and achieve to be the fastest between portuguese drivers.

Many people saw the first day of pratice in Serra da Estrela track, and all the drivers were very confident with the security means founded, sarting to do good chronos from the beginning...

Between the CEM drivers, the fight continues between Simone Faggioli and Giulio Regosa – the last one doing only an official practice climb – but it seems that Christian Merli can cause some problems to Regosa. He is now in front of Otakar Kramsky and Regosa, so we expect a great fight for tomorrow’s race.

Between the other categories, no great surprises; Czeq Jaromir Maly, is fastest in group A, in front of Portuguese, António da Cunha. In Group N, Slovakian Peter Jurena, could be twice fastest than Jiri Voves, and Silvana di Feo is now leading the GT group, and between “SP” drivers Vojaceck leads very close to Vladimir Doubeck and Jerman Martin.

The only accident during Practice, was made by Jiri Los – Opel Astra – who damage a little bit the front of his car, during the first official climb.

Tomorrow the big race, were there are expected many spectators as always.

MELHORES TEMPOS NOS TREINOS: 1st S. Faggioli (Osella PA 21S) 2.40,839 – 1st CN ; 2nd C. Merli (Osella PA 20S) 2.41,404; 3rd G. Regosa (Osella PA 20S) 2.41,745 ... 5th G. Urkola (BRC CM 02) 2.52,171 – 1o TNM... 11th M. F. Silva (Ford Escort Cosworth) 2.59,173 – 1o GR P ... 13th A. Nogueira (Ford Escort) 2.59,594 – 1st H76… 18th J. Maly (Ford Escort KC) 3.07,672 – 1st A... 22nd P. Jurena (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII) 3.11,359 – 1st N... 34th L. Nóvoa (BMW 2002) 3.38,027 – 1st H71... 36o S. di Feo (Mazda MX5) 3.51,274 – 1st GT... 42nd P. Vojacek (BMW 320i) 3.15,943 – 1st SP... 46th C. Fernandes (Morris Mini) 3.29,235 – 1st TNMC.

COVILHA, 21 May 2005

Autor: Luis Caramelo/P  (Všechny články autora)
Rubrika: Evropa  (Všechny články rubriky)

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